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31 July 2009

We all know you want to know what the "face" of Books on First Proprietor/Manager Larry Dunphy's doing.

First off, he's finishing a purchase order for books to show and sell at the Renewable Energy Fair next Sat & Sun (8-9 Aug) at the Ogle County Fairgrounds. Let him know (815.285.2665 or chin@booksonfirst.com) if you'll be there and if there's anything you particularly want to see to buy (popular subjects are Gaia, permaculture, sustainable living, log cabins, renewable resources, how to save money, windmills, native plants, gardening for fun & profit and applesauce (just kidding)).

Speaking of apples, though, some people are growing a few trees to get their own great apples. We have ours to be hospitable to Japanese beetles. Do you have that problem, too? If so, what have you all been doing about them? A good customer of Books on First told me once that as horrible as he feels about doing it, spraying insecticide seems to be the most viable (ironically) solution. A relative of ours would respond, "Better Living through Chemicals." But, this discussion is for another day.

Speaking of sustainable living, Larry is reading Making the Good Life Last. Author Michael Schuler will be speaking about and signing copies of his book tomorrow. Larry already lives a fairly pastoral existence, give or take the bookstore happenings. He says reading the book has given him greater appreciation of it and desire to keep it so. We are going to have copies of this book at the Fair, but maybe not enough! Give us a call if you want to reserve a copy for pick-up at the Fair (or store).

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