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08 August 2009

Save The Word!

I am glad to see that I am not the only one on Twitter who can go more than 5 minutes without tweeting. But if you are interested in following our infrequent tweets, please do! It's @booksonfirst, of course!
Right now, I am following @bookavore who works at @WordBrooklyn (which is an indie in Brooklyn, NY), and through their following just discovered a great website to share as a counteraction to losing words. Adopt a word today! Not sure if the adnascentia of our efforts for endangered words will forestall the end of even mundane words like "you", "are" and "though" from disappearing (through texting -- the usual reason for lack of proper spelled use!) from English language, but hey! let's make the attempt. (Can you tell which word I adopted? Means those root shoots that plants like trees establish into the ground from above ground. Kind of reminds me of Toastmasters times, making effort to use the "Word of the Day")

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