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22 September 2009

The Weekday Gig

From time to time, someone asks about my "other life." If it is someone from Chicago, he or she would be able to see our website or now my blog or (wonders of wonders) visit Dixon and our bricks & mortar establishment or the "farmette" 12 miles south in Walton, IL.

A little more difficult is explaining my weekday gig to thoughtful people who want to make sure I stay gainfully employed to keep all of the above chugging along. As the operating companies with which I associate are designers, manufacturers and purveyors of fine diamond & gold jewelry and personalized jewelry & watches versus retailers, here are a couple of websites to peruse: www.personalized-jewelry.com [don't forget the dash!] which sells (as suggested) personalized jewelry by Hampden Corporation and www.fantasydiamond.com (an excitingly renovated site hot off the programming board!) which showcases what Fantasy Diamond has to offer. We have a beautiful new line for engagement rings & accessories called Embrace which utilizes our patented touch setting process (namebrand Endless Diamond) to create the stunning look of center stone with diamond melee so popular yet so eternal. Neither of these companies are our wonderful Trein's or Venier's right here in Downtown Dixon, although they can become a retailer. So, just ask your trusted local independent jeweler.

(By the by, just in case you're a Facebook member, you can join Fans of Books on First on Facebook, but as a dovetail off the ebooks vs printed bound books discussion, let us just say: While we appreciate and know that it's a good thing we can provide a place in cyberspace where John in North Carolina(?), Deb in Illinois and others around the country and world can meet up, keep in mind that Books on First at 202 W First St, Dixon, is the best chatroom we know, and we all would still love to see your face and hear your comments in person! Please come in during our 75 open hours/week. Additionally, the "face" of Books on First, Larry, is not a Facebook member, so he can't have a good heated discussion with you nor give you farm fresh eggs over the internet.)

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