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27 November 2009

Stephen King, Say It Ain't So

Playing one side against the other, Stephen King's newest book, Under the Dome appears both on the cover of IndieBound's December Indie Next List and at Wal-mart's around the country for book-signing events.

What happened to love of indies, Mr King? I guess we just wouldn't have been able to handle the crowds.

What still confuses me is how Wal-mart, a self-professed, self-censoring establishment which refuses to sell certain books, music recordings and other items the management deems not "family-oriented" or demands changes in lyrics or special editions to meet its exacting criteria can reconcile this policy to the promotion and sale of horror, which does not seem to me to be within that criteria.

On a different yet related note, it is official: Sterling's Waldenbooks is on the list to close after the holidays. We are sorry to see it go, as often we two booksellers -- just 12 miles apart -- would in the spirit of customer service refer disappointed potential customers to the other store. I have often asked, "Have you tried Waldenbooks in Sterling yet?" I would call the store to see if they had a title in stock which we did not have. We at in the hinterlands must support each other. The parent company Borders is in a bad way, and along with fighting the general economic malaise, this turn of events is not unexpected. Of course, we invite all of Waldenbook customers to join us here in Downtown Dixon.

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