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19 December 2009

The Last Weekend Before Christmas

25 Dec falls on Friday this year, less than a week from today.

Wow, has that caught me among many behind the eight-ball! This is supposed to be the busiest (read, most sales) day of the holiday season. Poor East Coast is suffering from a major snowstorm and UPS will not be delivering to businesses on Christmas Eve. Needless to say (but said anyway), Books on First is as prepared as we'd ever be.

Last minute gift ideas:

The Silver Spoon Pasta published by Phaidon Press, one which does a fantastic job of offering beautifully designed and printed books at reasonable prices. And this one is in our Holiday Catalog, ennobling and enabling it with an automatic 20% discount. Here's some of the publisher's marketing:
"The Silver Spoon: Pasta" offers detailed descriptions and cooking tips for both dried and fresh pasta and instruction on the traditional art of combining various pasta shapes with the right sauces. Featuring specially commissioned photographs and illustrations, its simple format makes it both accessible and a pleasure to read and use. Recipes include favorites such as "Spaghetti Carbonara, Bucatini with Fried Bread Crumbs, Three-Color Ricotta Lasagna, Bow Ties with Smoked Pancetta, Tagliatelle with Sage and Tarragon Chicken Sauce, Shells with Gorgonzola and Pistachios" and "Chanterelle and Thyme Ravioli." Whether you are feeding the family, cooking for one, or preparing an elaborate dinner party, "The Silver Spoon: Pasta" has the perfect dish for every day of the year.

Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith
The author of White Teeth offers a collection of essays covering a range of experiences and insights.

We look forward to hearing Jeffrey Hamilton play his self-described punk folk tonight in his debut at Books on First, beginning at 7pm. There is nothing like listening to music live. And, at Books on First, one can do holiday shopping at the same time -- multi-tasking at its best.

Time to go to NIA class with Nichole Miller now at Traditional Wellness Center above Touch of Thai. Did you hear that the wonderful sushi bar at Touch of Thai is closing on 4 Jan 2010 for the foreseeable future? Yes, let's go get sushi now.

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