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19 January 2010

Keeping the Ad Alive

EDS - Cat Herding
This link is to the best online replay of my and Larry's all-time favorite television advertisement.

Of course, I actually did have a television in 2000. (For some reason, I recall that this ad ran on-air before the Super Bowl, but during Super Bowl XXXIV definitely when Larry first saw it.) It was not very good bang-for-buck as product or Company advertisement, as Larry has no idea what the ad was trying to sell.

However, I did, and also knew where I could find it. Unfortunately, on EDS's website a couple of years ago, the Company put up a notice saying, enough is enough, we are no longer going to offer this video here on our website.

Since then, I have been meaning to find it somewhere in order to save it. It especially is poignant since the disappearance of our cat (half Larry's/half granddaughter Ruby's) Mo (short for Morrissey).

Ahh, what the internet can do. Thank you, youtube.com, spike.com, et al. for keeping the ad alive.

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