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08 February 2010

Christopher Reid on winning the Costa Award - Times Online

Bathroom of the Vanities by Christopher Reid

The model mask, the mannequin moue,

the face I loved to catch her pulling

after sundry perfecting dabs

and micro-adjustments in front of the mirror

will never be seen, by me or the mirror, again.

The bathroom scales, too,

stand abandoned. No one now will be consulting

the age-fogged dial for its little fibs

and trembles of error

with precisely that peering downward frown.

Odd bottles in an orderly queue —

Issey Miyake, Parfum Tea Rose, the eternally billing

doves of L’Air du Temps — keep their caps

on, conserve their last drops of essence and aura

and wait for no one.

From A Scattering, published by Areté © Christopher Reid 2009

Christopher Reid on winning the Costa Award - Times Online

This is the problem with reading Graham Beattie. He discusses books which have yet to be available in the United States of America and has us salivating and waiting and waiting, including for this one from Christopher Reid.

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