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16 May 2010

Last Thoughts on The First Rule

This is the first Robert Crais I have read in a very long time (so long, I don't remember how and what). The writing is tight, the characters, well-fleshed and the situations, believable. When I read it, I thought that Crais manages to respect the reader's intelligence without falling into terminology and references which so delight insiders, whether it be Former Soviet Bloc criminology, weaponry or Southern California geography.  However, I spoke with a Korean-American who is reading it and she said, it is just so full of streetwise slang and colloquially-used words that she had to ask her husband for explanation (and she is one of those admirable people who reads in bed with a dictionary on the nightstand).  So much for my thinking I know how the average reader would find a book.
I read it in practically one sitting (yes, that makes for a very early morning shut-eye); the story was that good.
And, I don't think I'll ever again pull in to a "cheap gas" filling station and use my credit card with so little thought.

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