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02 August 2010

Need NIA

I know I have mentioned NIA coming to Dixon. Right now, Nichole Miller is on "summer break" which started in early May, and I am hoping ends soon!!  She and all of us lament the fact that there are not more NIA teachers in the Sauk Valley area. I feel the lack acutely and while I'm still not able to commit to something like that, I hope that others might want to take up the cause.

The next week-long White Belt training session in Chicago is coming up soon, 5-11Aug.  As the message says, the training is not just for those who desire to teach NIA, but also for those who seek the intensive exploration of physical and spiritual self.  In plain, familiar fitness language, NIA combines elements of modern and jazz dance, martial arts, especially aikido and tai chi, and yoga.  There are principals of interval strength training and deep breathing as well as opposites: balance/imbalance, flexible/rigid, dynamic/static, strong/fluid.

And, even if you can't commit to a whole week, the location for the training -- Soulistic -- is a wonderful space and part of the training includes (after long hours of instruction and practice) a daily one-hour class for all comers.  So, if you are in Chicago at that time (or Jamie Klausing teaches twice weekly at Soulistic, among other places), please do check it out.  Your body will hug you.  After each class I take, I feel like I've given myself a gift.  People comment all the time that I must have lost weight. I have lost just a few pounds over the years, but I believe the weight has shifted to my muscles which are more toned.  Exercise is about the only way after menopause to increase HDL ("good cholesterol"), and NIA is fun.

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