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09 October 2010

Amazing October Coming Up!

Indian summer weather here today after my having put away hot-weather clothing last Sunday.  It's like carrying an umbrella in order not to have rain.

I also just noticed what a fantastic line of events we have for this month.

Tonight is Downtown Dixon's Eleventh Second Saturday and we here at Books on First will be welcoming for the first time singer-songwriter Angie Pierce Jennings.  It is inspiring that we have been able to come together to have such a wonderful recurring event as Second Saturdays, which includes offerings at varied venues like concerts at St Luke's Episcopal Church, jam sessions at Dion's Barbershop (hmm, I wonder if they've ever had a barbershop quartet?), great showings of local visual artists like Lisa Higby LeFevre, John DeLong and Sydni Reubin, and combinations of both, like here at Books on First as well as at Crystal Cork Wine Shoppe this month.

We also have a visit with book-signing by Richard Boyer, one-time teacher (and principal) here in Dixon, who spent summers as a park guide in Northwest Illinois and now retired and living in Colorado, is doing more of that at many National Park Service locations.  I especially like the title, because once one reads it, the leading thought is, 'Well, I hadn't really thought about it, but now that you mention it, it really might be kind of cool.  What does it take to be a park ranger?'

So, join us on Thursday, 13 October, 3-5pm, to find out.

We also are beginning to clear our shelves in anticipation of the holidays.  So, there are a lot of books priced at $2 and up.  Come and browse and perhaps discover a new favorite author bought at a bargain!

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