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03 November 2010

New Use for Connected Electronic Books?

I came across a story as I was searching BBC World for an altogether different quirky story I had heard about what is happening in China (about resident foreigners being hired to pose as learned visitors for plant visits, presentations and banquets which I had heard in the depths of one Saturday night).

This one, though, is a real doozie, although it could all be nothing by the time I publish this post.  Kindle, which is not even officially sold in China, becomes the means to go to Chinese-banned sites, like Twitter and facebook!  I like the reasons why the Great Firewall of China has not clamped down on this:  can't be a big problem as the device is not officially sold in China and there aren't many (if any) Chinese-language books sold in Kindle format and thus, Chinese interest in buying one is quite limited.

I wonder whether an iPad can do the same, especially since it can toggle between 3G and wi-fi, although the key may be (as mentioned in the article) the 3-G network provider which the Kindle uses in China or in that part of China where the breach was discovered.

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