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26 November 2010

Thanks to You, We Can Do More

Books on First is proud to be able to continue the tradition of Books for Babes, our annual holiday gift program for less privileged children in our area (Dixon and environs).

Brenda has worked hard to launch our 7th annual Books for Babes.  This year, we did not get caseworkers’ take on each less privileged child’s likes and she had to calculate age based on year of birth.  I see we may have not only a challenging time picking out books on princesses versus ponies, but also with whether a name like "Drew" or "Shawn" represents a boy or a girl.  Sometimes, it does not matter (does loving Harry Potter books require gender?), but sometimes, it would be good to know.  Challenge on!

Come in and choose an ornament with a boy's or girl's name and age. Find a gift to put under the tree for the child. You do not have to purchase the toy here, but we ask that the name ornament not be taken from the store. (The best solution is to let us keep the child's name back behind the counter until you come in again with the gift.)

Additionally, we take a portion of all purchases at Books on First for Books for Babes and buy mittens/gloves, scarves and hats for the children. Last year, Books on First customers bought over $1200 of items for children from aged 6 months to 17 years.

We have a large selection of age-appropriate books, toys, puzzles and art supplies, including Bananagrams, chapter books and Melissa & Doug wooden trains. We also have stocking stuffers like wooden tops, Boku Books and more. We admit there are a few items that we do not carry. Last year, a customer brought in a real basketball (we have two sporting goods stores in town) to accompany the books with basketball stories she had already bought here for the young teen.

Let's make this year's Books for Babes program as successful as ever!

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