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18 December 2010

The Mighty Brights are In! And We Welcome Our Last Live Act of 2010!

We just know more than one of you has asked when they were coming.
You have been waiting for them and they’re in! 
Xtraflex2 booklights with flexible necks in great colors like pink, purple, blue and green as well as a Deluxe set with Adapter in Cool Black.
We have Pocketflex, a heavier duty compact light with a flexible gooseneck that goes where you go (not that an Xtraflex2 can’t, but choice is everything!).
They make great gifts for co-workers, reading friends or #1 (that be you).

And TONIGHT, come in for hot chocolate and a treat, be that a cookie or Copper Creek, a great fun band playing ol’ time favorites right here in the best pass-the-hat live music coffeehouse venue.

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