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07 January 2011

To Respond to Readers' Comments

Thank you, Christopher G Moore, for taking the time to write!  And it looks to be a great 2011 for you.
We look forward to seeing the film debut and hope you'll be happy with the end result being a good reflection of your vision.  And, we will be sure to have Spirit House (as well as other Vincent Calvino) in stock.  Keep the action up (and almost needless to say, keep the allusions to past books down).

We also feel great about helping Steve Cousins find something on the internet and we thank him for taking the time to write and let us know.  We at Books on First try our darndest to share what we know and what we discover as we pursue those little curious paths of inquiry.

I have had many people personally thank us for the "kind words" we post.  We are happy to showcase all the wonderful features of Dixon which make it a great place to visit if not stay -- Books on First, of course, but also Second Saturdays, Reagan Days, Heritage Crossing Riverfront Plaza, Lowell Park, White Pines State Park, Crystal Cork, Touch of Thai, Distinctive Garden, and the list continues.  When I was younger, the State of Indiana had "Wander Indiana" on its license plates.  I always thought that it was a county in Indiana.  A classmate at Boston College (now Carroll) Graduate School of Business who is from Indiana clarified that this was a slogan thought up by a tourism bureau.  She said it would be changing to "Linger Indiana," to shift the thinking from driving aimlessly through Indiana to staying awhile in Indiana.  I don't know if she had been pulling my leg, but whether you wander into, linger in or just plain make this a destination sometime, Dixon is someplace you should consider.

Some of you may have noticed that these posts have become "fast breaks," as I consider them.  Yes, I am learning again to write better faster, just like when I was on the school newspaper in West Babylon.  One fortunate change that computers have wrought is the capability to change the article after publishing.  Why don't we learn and know more about who created the internet and the first word processing programs, like we (well, some of us oldsters) learned about Gutenberg and the invention of the movable press which changed the world from the 15th century onward.

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