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02 March 2011

March Madness Week One

March came in not like a lion nor like a lamb, maybe like a goat, a kid goat almost a year old, smart, sassy, but somehow thinks she can plant her front hooves on your chest like a dog does paws.  Yes, if you're thinking I'm thinking of a specific kid, I am.  Her name is Mary, as she has been growing up with 5 lambs.  And, she follows Larry (and you if you'd like to come visit the farmette) all around.

For the second year, I am volunteering with LadderUp, an organization in Chicago, which assists those needing a little view over the shoulder or handholding with straight-forward financial issues, like filing tax returns and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for post-secondary education.  I thought such great experience might be useful in helping my own grandchildren, but apparently, Jack's mother has all that well in hand.  Financial aid is available not just for college (although that's one good place to be going, whether to a 2-year or 4-year school), but for beauty school, cooking school, electrical wiring programs, and more, because college is not for everyone, and colleges should go back to educating young people to think critically, not have expectations of graduating and earning more than their parents and disdaining blue collar work. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart spoke at LadderUp's third annual Leader's Breakfast this past November and thinks LadderUp should work in the jails, too, where he daily sees people who need some guidance to get back on their feet financially.  Hmm...    

On the storefront, we have an incredible line-up of live music on Saturday nights, including Couch Coins making its BoF debut on 5 March, and then,  Dan Hagemann returning on Downtown Dixon's Second Saturday.  Dan is the son of a local (Chana, IL) resident, although he himself now resides in Nashville, TN, and we are happy to have him come play when he is visiting home.  We have his newest album, "Before We Fade" for sale along with those of other local artists.  While a recording might be crystal clear, exciting and wonderfully reflective of what the artist wants to give to the listener, there is nothing like hearing music live, because the sense of community, the spontaneity and energy of the performer, the unique context of time and space, and more are just lost in translation upon recording.Second Saturday is officially from 6pm to 8pm, so be sure to take a stroll up and around to check out all the visual and performing artists and end up with us as Dan will be performing LIVE! until closing at 9pm.

Check out all our scheduled live events at our website: www.booksonfirst.com.

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