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25 June 2011

In Common: Manaus, Sinisterly Arrogant Female Doctors...

I am currently reading Ann Patchett's latest hardcover State of Wonder. It is full of Brazil and the jungle and bugs and rain and people with unknown motives and motivations.

And then, I happen to be doing a cycle count of the Mysteries/Noir/Crime Fiction section and found Leighton Gage's Dying Gasp. He writes about crimes in Brazil, highlighting the very human and very Brazilian Chief Investigator Mario Silvo, his put-upon boss Nelson Sampaio, Director of Brazil's National Federal Police and fellow law enforcement personnel. It struck me that this location of action in this title is also Manaus, the "jungle hellhole on the Amazon" with a (with hope) a more dastardly female doctor than Patchett's.

What are the odds?  Comparing them might prove interesting.  Anyone up to the task?

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