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13 August 2011

Reagan Trail Days in Dixon Include a Visit from Another Bus

Reminiscent of a previous bus being driven along I-88 (Ronald Reagan Highway) and stopping at Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home, Sarah Palin dropped by on her way out of Iowa on her way to crash another Republican presidential candidate event.

Democracy is a tough sell.  Even our forefathers thought the general electorate was too easily swayed by rhetoric, bread and circuses to choose good government, and in our complacency, easily intimidated by threats to comfort, livelihood and sense of entitlement.  Check out this very interesting news analysis during the recent debt ceiling mess by Stan Tanenhaus on the Tea Party through history.

"Threat" goes both ways and comes in all flavours.  I was quite impressed by Joe Nocera's take, as he quite articulately and calmly tells it as he sees it in a recent New York Times column.

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