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28 March 2012

At Least It Eats Healthy Foods

Last week, we celebrate Very Hungry Caterpillar Day. Don't ask me why 20 March is Very Hungry Caterpillar Day, The Very Hungry Caterpillar being one of Eric Carle's most beloved  books and characters, introducing children to a whole host of healthy foods as it eats its way through them.  This has been a great way to get children to eat fruits and vegetables.

And with broccoli becoming the by-word of healthy but avoidable consumable items again (remember the former President George H.W. Bush's aversion to it?) through its use by advocates and Supreme Court Justices in the current health care reform act case, we can well use a hungry caterpillar to show everyone just how good and good for you broccoli is!  To compare having to pay for health insurance the same as having to buy broccoli is like comparing apples to oranges (yum!).

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