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09 November 2013

Is It Really About the Trees?

The Onion, not wanting to descend to using onion skin, is discontinuing its print edition from the final three markets in which it still existed.  NPR's write-up has it all about the trees.  Pfft!  Likely story. 

But, it will be sad, and interesting to note that Chicago was one of the last hold-outs.  When we or any customer could find it while in Chicago, we brought back a copy or two for the enjoyment of customers.  One said that he spent so little time reading news that he felt guilty reading fake news.  We had to persuade him that it was not news, but entertainment.

People like to read hardcopy print, and there will be all the more reason to buy a whole book when there weren't the individual editions to hang on to.  The Onion's latest book came out this year in paperback.  We hope it won't be the last

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