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10 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Created as celebrated in the United States on the second Sunday in May one hundred years ago through proclamation by President Woodrow Wilson, Mother's Day is one of the biggest guilt trips ever created even as women themselves say, "no, no, let's not...it's just a Hallmark holiday" (don't believe them!).  Reading about Mother's Day on Wikipedia was interesting, especially how Anna Jarvis was involved.  I don't think her mother would have approved of all of Anna's activities.

I get kind of down at Mother's Day time as I remember Frances Vivian Fanelli Dunphy, my late stepmother-in-law.  We celebrated it together as grandmothers without being mothers.

We still have some wonderful gifts for you to give Mom, Mama, Mami, Mamon, 媽媽 to honor all she gave and continues to give as long as you both shall live, for as long as you remember her and carry her inside you, your mother will always be a part of you.  (And we haven't even begun to sing the praises of wonderful stepmothers and grandmothers.)
And, if you can't decide, there are always a gift certificate, one size fits all.  Happy Mother's Day!

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