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05 November 2015

Everybody Loves Larry

This is not just my opinion. Friends of mine once told me they were apprehensive about meeting my husband, because opposites attract and since I was so nice, what could my spouse be like? Well, what do you think?  THEY LOVED HIM.  They loved him so much that they created a t-shirt and instead of "Everybody Loves Raymond," it said "Everybody Loves Larry."  Embarrassed, he has never worn it.

Embarrassed, he has not read this article which Brenden West wrote in the Dixon Telegraph either. However, he has told me about the many folks who have and who have told him how much they like it. He has given me a lot of credit, maybe too much.  He always says that Carolyn is the brains of Books on First.  I say that Larry is the face of Books on First.  Without him, Books on First would have the personality of a closet, maybe nice, but not very inviting or interesting or enlightening or exceptional.  Let's all pat each other on the back for knowing and loving Larry.

See you at the bookstore soon. 


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