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30 November 2015

Is This Cool or What?

Happy 141st Birthday, Lucy Maud Montgomery! 

Who? you say. L.M. Montgomery wrote the classic Anne of Green Gables which spawned a series, which spawned films, television shows, anime and more, including an industry on Prince Edward Island which is second to none!  Sorry, this series is not currently on our Try a New Series table, but just ask for the box set whose cover describes Anne as "The Most Beloved and Timeless Heroines of All of Fiction."

Years ago, I had read about the Green Gables Farm being the Number One destination wedding location for Japanese couples.  I can't recall if this is where Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe married, but their story is certainly very romantic, starting in grade school with Anne being teased by Gilbert for having red hair, and, after getting over that hump and Anne clueless about Gilbert falling in love with her, ending with Anne finally agreeing to marry him (sigh!).

This is considered a Young Adult series, but because it starts with Anne as a young orphan, it traditionally is put into the Children's section of our store (as well as others').  It probably should stay there as being a little more optimistic than what young adults want to read nowadays (just Carolyn's opinion!)

But, wait, there's more I have to share with you.  Now in, the reason for the title of this blog: A Novel Journal: Anne of Green Gables.  This is one of a series of journals, yes, those "blank books" into which one can write one's stories, thoughts, rants, even romantic musings, philosophical logics or mathematical theorems.  What makes it so cool?  The words ("lines") of the book, in this case Anne of Green Gables, form the "lines" of the journal.  You can read (with a Mighty Bright magnifier in my case) the novel in the pages before or as you write your own.  You have to see it to appreciate it. (Best to see it in person; so come in today!)

Our website, as "powered" by IndieCommerce and Ingram Book Company, cites L.M Montgomery as the "one of the most famous Canadian writers of the twentieth century."  Judging by the number of you who said, "Who?," this must be correct, since I can think of a lot of writers who might be Canadian (not to mention actors and newscasters), but not think of Canadians who might be writers.  Google celebrated today with a series of animations on its homepage, which I cannot recreate for you, because I don't know how.  I don't know why the webmaster for The Guardian online newspaper doesn't know how, either, but its article simply has screen shots.  Oh, Googlemaster, help us spread the word by giving us links to Lucy's b-day celebratory home pages.

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