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12 November 2016

A Film by Jack Dunphy with Voice Over by Ruby Dunphy

What more can a grandparent want? Except maybe a little less ***ing, but that's how they talk, unabashedly, like longshoreman or Roman footsoldiers did.

This is a departure from Jack's preference for a bit more animation in the film, but still intensely personal (a bit self-centered guy, Jack is, as you might imagine).

As we left the Chicago Film Festival screening of Jack's Sundance entry "Serenity" a few years ago, Jack asked Larry what he thought of the film.  Larry's response was, "When you've seen one Disney film, you've seen them all."  "Serenity," about the narrator's (read, Jack's) losing his virginity in high school to an older student who was also a drug addict, is not a Disney film.  Ironically, just a few weeks ago, an "asset gatherer," better known as a salesperson, called to ask if we might be interested in investing in a new Disney film.  I had responded, no, if we were going to invest in a film, it would be one of our grandson's, which might have been how he got our name?  I could hear the scorn in his voice when he answered that we probably were on his list because we are businessowners, not because of a grandson (who might be making his own YouTube videos in his bedroom, but certainly does not qualify as a filmmaker).

Congratulations, Jack & Ruby!

Chekhov from Jack Dunphy on Vimeo.

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