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27 March 2017

Dystopian -- The New Normal?

The Trump Administration, indeed since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, has spawned an interest in dystopian genre books like Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here and George Orwell's 1984.  Popular, also, is the well-timed amazon.com television series (from Philip K. Dick's book) The Man in the High Castle, which is technically alternative reality fiction, the alternative reality being what we anticipate would be rather dystopic.

With the White House insistence on alternative facts and shrewd new twists on facts (e.g., in looking for proof that the Obama Administration wiretapped Trump Tower, discovering that information on communications by Trump campaign personnel was captured during monitoring, under legal means, of foreign nationals' communications and in want of privacy concerns of American citizens, names were "bandied about"), more than ever does "dystopian" begin to describe what may be slowly becoming "normal."

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