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15 July 2022

Where's Waldo? In Dixon in July 2022!


Find Waldo Local has been around for 10 years now!  Unbelievable.  Still recall the first (or was it second) year, Larry and I took a short road trip through Iowa.  One stop was Decorah where there are many sights, including an independent bookstore, historic theatre (with hotel connected to it housing plenty of interesting black&white photos), a Norwegian-American museum and an art centre.  Nearby is the Seed Saver site as well as an old mine (lead, I think?) open for tours.  During that visit, inside the art centre, I espied Waldo!  I called home to Books on First and asked our staffer Douglas (who dressed up as an excellent Waldo -- I have to search for a photo) whether it counted on my stamp card if I found a Waldo in another town, not Dixon.  Douglas said in an uncertain tone, "Let me check."  I couldn't let him continue all confused so I said, "It's me, Carolyn!"  I don't believe he was amused.  

Places to Find Waldo: 

Dixon Chamber of Commerce Main Street 
Waterfront Antiques 
Chickweed Cottage 
Stonebridge Running 
Asterisk Boutique 
Baker Street 
Rockin' Nutrition 
Dixon Public Library 
J Boutique 
North Creek Lamps 
Next Picture Show 
J Salon 
Oliver's Corner Market 
Pam's Hallmark Shop 
The Good Book
Bill & Dick's Barber Shop 
Mama Cimino's 
Revive Boutique 
Coffee Crush 
Green River Cyclery 
My Play Village 
Ginkgo Tree 

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