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08 March 2010

Last Call to All Local Writers - Phidian's Contest Closes 15 March

Time is nearing for the close of accepting entries for The Phidian Art Club's 22nd Annual Literary Contest. 

The members work hard to find great judges and are always looking for new and exciting local writers to enter the contest.  Books on First has been tapped for a number of years to sponsor Short Fiction, and does so with enthusiasm.  Winners (first, second and third) receive a small monetary prize presented at a luncheon. The perk for the first prize winning entry has been (and I hope still is) an in-depth analysis/review by the judge on why the piece was clearly above the rest.  I have found that more invaluable than the $$.  In some years, it's so difficult to choose, there are honorable mentions. Let's keep that up!  Entry requirements are available at Books on First and online.

Goodness knows where the Awards Luncheon in May will be held now that Colonial Rose in Grand Detour has closed.  The Phidians might see if Mark Framke will be up and running at the Rock River Country Club by that time.  We just heard he has signed on executive chef position there, but only the 19th Hole will be immediately open.  We look forward to sampling some of Mark's great creative culinary ideas when the dining room opens.  Hey, Mark, a great piece of art for the Club'sdining room would be that wonderful piece of you in the kitchen by your lovely wife Lisa's daughter Sydni Reuben, a fantastic painter (whose website I cannot find, but click here for some work she had done while at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design).  It would showcase both the chef and the artist. 

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