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04 March 2010

Many Hands (and Minds) Lessen the Burden

Tonight is the night to discuss women's reproductive health.  First, I heard on PRI's "The World" (on NPR) about a study in Afghanistan on how birth control would help women who have astronomically high probability of death through pregnancy (1 out of 7, I think I heard) and how mullahs are helping to spread the word.  The Prophet was talking about timing of births being better for healthy babies, but what the he, 2 birds with 1 stone and all that.  Meanwhile, you can help here at home, by viewing this video online, and passing it on if you are inclined.  Women's reproductive rights is not just about abortion.  It's also about the the quality of life for woman and child.  I am not anti-life; I am pro-quality of life for everyone.

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