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19 October 2010

She Loves Me, Or Yet Another Mystery Solved

I have found the answer to my own question. I couldn't understand why I remembered a musical version of The Little Shop Around the Corner, and then, as if someone at the Writers' Theatre anticipated that the time was right and everyone in the autumn of 2010 would be simply aching to know and to see a revival of what this piece was in which Carolyn Chin saw Sam Waterston perform.  I am sure that She Loves Me is on the list of his oeuvre but I did not recognize it.  The wikipedia entry for She Loves Me mentions the film You've Got Mail! but not the PBS television production.  Hmm.  I have not yet proven that I have not hallucinated the whole.  In any case, now there is one mystery solved, and the research just fell in my lap in the form of a professionally printed flyer sent via United States Postal Service.  I do so love the printed word, don't you?

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