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23 October 2010

Speaking of Mysteries

There has always been some interest in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, never moreso than when Doyle was alive and kicking

Doyle altogether wrote 56 short stories and 4 novels (set mainly between 1880 and 1907), getting a little more tired of his character as he finished each one.  Even when he tried killing Holmes off, he had to revive him, like a Victorian (and then, Edwardian) age Bobby Ewing.

A revival came again couple of years ago in the form of a new film which someone had described as short on plot, short on character, but with good acting.  I cannot imagine how an adaptation, plumbing the depths of 60 stories, can result in something like that, except possibly due to a lack of imagination.

Now comes the new BBC One series to these shores on PBS (Public Broadcasting System), modernizing Holmes to the 21st century and I hear and read that it is terrific, no lacking at all in imagining how updated Sherlock Holmes can be.  He fits right in, with modern forensics, and even more modern criminal minds.  Sad but true, reference to fighting in Afghanistan did not need to be updated.  The English were in Afghanistan in 1880 as they are today.  So, if you want to make your own comparison or your interest is peaked, don't hesitate to come in and get the original, root inspiration for your own leisurely enjoyment and edification.

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