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24 November 2010

Have We Got a Website for You!

To riff a little bit on my "weekday gig," that which supports those who support Books on First, may we draw your attention to www.personalized-jewelry.com.  I may be a little biased, but I know little about others selling personalized jewelry and all about this one, which we affectionately call "pj."  I know the Hampden designer of the discs, hearts, puzzle pieces, Santa's sleigh as well as some fonts that are loaded into the laser machine to personalize monograms, couples' names and gifts for mothers and grandmothers.  He also designed most of the pendants of letters and numbers.  He is totally dedicated to his craft, and a great co-worker besides.  I know the fantastic Fantasy Diamond designer of the engagement ring being offered free of charge in an incredible vying for your e-mail address and other personal information which people give away for less incentive.  Speaking of incentive, now is the time to shop (for books, toys, World of Good products and more at Books on First, but for gold and silver jewelry and watches, on pj).  We have 20% off all titles in the Holiday Gift Catalog and pj has some great offers, too, like 15% off holiday-related jewelry.  Hope to see you soon.

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