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23 November 2010

Jab at the Connectivity of e-Books

I am actually attempting to link this blogpost not to Graham Beattie's excellent blog (how does he read and then, write so much daily, besides having an interesting life like travelling to New York, judging for book prizes and attending dinner parties?), but to a great quote he has on the blog:

Quotation of the Week

I noticed during take offs and landings I didn't have to turn off my book.
Author Margaret Coel.
There has been news of e-books catering to the younger reader, attempting to make them fun and educational, but not like a videogame.  With pop-up books and other interactive features in printed bound books, I can see that this goal is admirable and achievable.  However, you are never going to see through a Nook or an iPad the wonder or workmanship of a piece by Robert Sabuda or David A Carter.  Let's talk for a moment about interactive:  How will Matthew Van Fleet's  Tails translate on screen?  Just wondering.

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