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27 November 2014

Baby, You're (So) Good

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.  This is a favorite holiday, because it is American and it is about taking a step back and a moment to reflect on gratitude.

Even through the roar of depression, I feel grateful to be alive and take some time each day to be aware of that feeling of gratitude.  I express gratitude for having Larry by my side and doing so much, like running Books on First.  However much we argue and disagree about how to manage the store, how to respond to family crises, how to spend or not spend money or even how much our early onset of dementia or our hearing has deteriorated, we each let the other know just how lucky we feel.  Enough of that maudlin stuff!  We feel grateful for all of our Books on First patrons, some who have become good friends, from whom we can count on for a helping hand and for whom we would reciprocate.

I feel grateful that there are some people who can still speak grammatically correctly, like Linda Ronstadt in an interview with Diane Rehm, when she said there are better musicians than she is ("I am").  This is simple.  Why can't people remember the verb?  Put the verb in and one will never hear or say "taller than me" or "older than him" ever again!  Or am I just dreaming?

Pet peeve vent done, thank you!  (And thank you, Linda.)

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