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31 January 2015

Never a Bad Time to Consume Poetry

Beattie's Book Blog - unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community: National Poetry Month Poster Unveiled:  The Academy of American Poets has unveiled the official poster design for April is Poetry Month, by National Book Award nominee Roz Chast.  It includes the late Illinois poet (and Poet Laureate) Mark Strand's lines,

Ink runs from the corner of my mouth.
There is no happiness like mine. 
I have been eating poetry.
from Selected Poems which unfortunately is currently unavailable, although you can reserve his Complete Poems just published last September with a list price of $30 (a bargain since the last publication of Selected Poems listed at $21.

Mark your calendars, this year's Open Mic Poetry Night at Books on First is Friday, 17April2015. Hope to see you then.

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