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30 January 2016

It's Mitten/Glitten/Nitten Time

Carolyn's mother Betty knits and crochets. Long ago, before her children were conscious, she used to crochet those little afghan squares (tell me again why they're called "afghans'?) in soft turquoise blue and yellow colors for baby blankets/afghans. Some leftover squares, with their tails of excess yarn, became baby stingrays (hey, we were creative) and manta rays (with names like Mantle Rex).  She got too busy to make more than a few scarves and hats.  Lately, however, with various senior citizen center and public library groups, she has made items for troops and families left homeless as well as afghanless and scarfless in disasters; she has been busy knitting and crocheting up a storm.

In style now are these so-called "half-gloves."  She has knitted them in many colours, and daughters and granddaughters have been the recipient of quite a few.  While they're nice and fashionable and I would never despise at getting a handmade gift, believe you me, these are not gloves, half or otherwise.  They are not even half mittens.  I shall call them "nittens."  Even worse than glittens, they leave the poor entire thumb totally exposed to the elements with no yarn nor fellowship to provide it warmth. There is not even a half-stub.

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