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13 February 2016

Golden Week

In Japan, "Golden Week" is in May, when three major holidays occur within seven or eight days, resulting in people simply taking the whole week or more off to travel or going to work in those one or two days in between and pretending to get something done, but of course, cannot, because everyone else needed to conclude the process is off!

In CarolynChin&LarryDunphyland, Golden Week is in February, when in most years like in 2016, in the course of seven or eight days, we have Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Larry's Birthday and Carolyn&Larry's Wedding Anniversary.  Since the only commemorated day warranting status of Federal Holiday is President's Day which most of us do not have paid time off, and the lead-up to Lunar New Year is anything but fun, this is not the time not to sit back and relax, but to shop, cook and clean, to ponder over the right books to order, and to grit our teeth and decorate the store appropriately.
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A Chinese tradition on New Year's Eve is to welcome the New Year with a big spread with lots of good eats, apples which are both red (a lucky color) and have a name which is a homophone of "Peace" (Chinese are big on homophones) and a whole fish (head and tail included). The fish is somewhat cooked but not eaten, because "fish" is a homophone for "plenty" and you certainly don't want to eat your plentiful before the New Year even starts. This year, we asked friend and great chef Mark Framke of Orom Restaurant to cook our fish for us. He was "tenderizing" the Loup de Mer or branzini prior to cooking and thought it would be fun to share the experience. Go to Orom's facebook page to see his video.

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