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28 August 2009

Downtown Dixon on a Friday Night

What an unseasonably chilly August it has been!
The Dixon Heritage Crossing Riverfront Plaza had a great opening day and night, The actual construction did not take that much time, but it was a long haul to get this going. And, now, if there were only a few more refuse containers... The rumor is that they need donors who would like to apply their gift to the placement of a trash receptacle $800. They are very nice green-painted wrought iron. Think about it!
Tonight, with my sister Connie and our nephew Matthew in town, we will be going to Touch of Thai. Matt does not like Thai food, but he's crazy about sushi. Luckily for us, Touch of Thai also has a great sushi bar. Today for lunch, they and Larry went to Salamandra's, another great Downtown Dixon eatery.

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