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04 August 2009

Dixon's Own Little Shop of Horrors

Here to report we had great fun and were suitably impressed with VIVA! Performing Arts School's first summer musical production Little Shop of Horrors. Unable and thus, not going to attempt to mention all the wonderful performances (ok, let's mention that the plant costumes were awesome (in every sense of the word)), CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE involved. Yes, yes, we said it is The Next Picture Show's Performing Arts School and I'm not sure if I know the connection, but there are connections and one of them is Dixon! We are proud and happy to be a part of a community that enables such creatively and professionally done work involving volunteers of many different ages, talents and experiences.

And what's this about re-stocking the Rock River with channel catfish after a devastating fish kill in June? Did we find out for sure what happened? And, the way I discovered it was through a blog! Thank you, Stray Casts & Dale Bowman!

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