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11 November 2009

Gearing Up for the Holidays

Books on First is going strong with its catalog of recommended Holiday giving now out and our books in stock, although I still highly recommend early perusal and buying. (Sorry, we don't have the catalog online.) As in the past, we are cautious about keeping too many titles and copies on-hand as we get dinged sending them back (a restocking fee plus the freight plus a lowering of totals which calculate the preferred customer status which determines our discount level and other things which can give us a few more basis points to the gross profit line). I apologize if I'm getting into the realm of business babble. Anyhoot, that does mean, though, we can offer you 20% off list price of any title in the catalog. So, even while it's not yet Thanksgiving, keep your Holiday giving in mind.

We are working on bringing back Books for Babes for the sixth year, a program in which we work with local social services agencies, like LSSI (Lutheran Social Services of Illinois), to provide client children (up to 18 years old) with a gift in the Holiday season. The gift does not need to come from our store, but if you buy an item from Books on First (book, toy, art supplies, calendar, journal, etc) for someone on the list, we use a percentage of the prices to buy mittens, hats and scarves for them, also. And, I may be biased, but what better idea than a book, which is a gift a child can open again and again?

The ball currently is in the social workers' court as they need to provide the list of youngsters along with age and some interests to help our good helping hands to pick out something appropriate. But, it'll be a close timeframe. Every year, our customers ask about it and then, some are too late to participate, because the agencies have to take them back for packing and delivering.

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