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24 December 2009

Happy Christmas to All and to All, a Good Night

It's not yet midnight as I begin this post (goodness knows when I'll publish it!).

It is in fact not yet 6:30pm Central Time. Books on First has been officially closed over 2 hours ago and Larry has been on the road for about a half hour. He looks forward to homemade BBQ Pork Lo Mein (the dish, not the pork) as well as jello with fruit in it (bring your own whipped cream) and burnt, hard-as-a-rock oatmeal raisin cookies -- his favs.

Our Christmas gift to each other is a trip to Toronto, beginning 9am on Boxing Day, with a flight on Jazz, whichI believe is a regional feeder for Air Canada. We booked on Air Canada, but look forward to this interesting aspect of airlines today. I am wondering why a flight from Chicago to Toronto does not warrant a regular Air Canada flight, but maybe not many Chicagoans want to go to Toronto and vice versa, making it a prime candidate for Jazz Airlines. I have never really walked this city which I am told is very cosmopolitan and look forward to all the culture to be absorbed. Of course, we will seek out bookstores, coffeeshops and live music venue as we can. Larry is handling the research on this, so he's got the Toronto Book of Everything ("The book the locals buy!). I took a look at the book, which is a real browser-trivial pursuit type of reference. Just tell me where the bookstores and coffeeshops are. An index, an index, my kingdom for an index!

I donated to USO today in memory of Frances Dunphy, who served in the Coast Guard during WWII. Did you know that the USO is not part of the Federal government and needs donations just like any other private not-for-profit? Books for Babes did very well this year, thanks to the generosity of Books on First customers and we were able to buy nearly $200 of mittens, scarves and hats for the children with a portion of the proceeds from purchases for this program. Everyone in this time of economic bottoming has been very caring of those in the community, whatever that community may be defined. Let us all continue to remember our community, now and throughout the year.

Happy Christmas, everyone! And to all, a good night.

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