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02 January 2010

A Mystery and More

Webmaster John Chin has the Google search Alert chugging away, finding references in the world wide web on Books on First in Dixon and sometimes, we get an interesting hit which I have never seen before. Thank you (I think) for letting Books on First live on in cyberspace:

Giovanni's Room in Philadelphia, a fellow Indie bookstore, albeit of a different stripe, republished a BookSense (or IndieBound) recommendation I wrote a year ago:
The Kiss Murder by Mehmed Murat Somer:
The publisher's promo says, "Bestseller in author's home country, Turkey, The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency meets Pedro Almodovar in this outrageous new series featuring an ultraglamorous sleuth." I would definitely say it's outrageous -- outrageously smart, outrageously funny and what a guy/gal our hero(ine) is. Just a regular-guy computer consultant by day-tranny lounge co-owner a la Audrey Hepburn by night, looking for respect in all (maybe the wrong?) places and stumbling upon a many-layered mystery that keeps him/her (and us!) puzzled. What a great sense, also, of the many mysteries that is Istanbul! Some would call it a spoof; some, tongue-in-cheek; and still others, simply obnoxious, but for those of us who enjoy a taste of the exotic, this edgy armchair peek of a different culture is outrageously IT!

We appreciate Suzanne C. from Dundee gave us a pretty accurate Yelp! although the webpage itself is puzzling. Why are "Coffee" or "BOOKS" not categories for Books on First?

We also have Holly Wehmeyer, whom I have never met, giving us a mention on her blog. It looks to me like she has some good reading suggestions and she's a poet!

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