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21 March 2010

In Contemplating Lent, College Basketball and the First Day of Spring

It is snowing right before the first day of Spring here in Dixon.

Yet, the promise is there.

NCAA basketball playoffs are in full swing, already in the 2nd round, with a couple of upsets, although the record of the first seed prevailing against the 16th remains unbroken. 

Additionally, Nichole Miller is coming up to one year of teaching NIA with her white belt at Dixon's Traditional Wellness Center, and will be teaching her latest acquired routine, "Passion," soon.

There are kids and lambs in the barn and we are all contemplating chicks (from McMurray's Hatchery) as well as Hampshire gilts (first-time pregnant sows) and piglets.  Larry has me reading this book from the Englishman Philip Hashieder.  The photos of the pigs are adorable, and the book has me wondering if every English garden also has a little pig grazing in it.

And of course, we are in the Lenten season, working up to Easter.  Brenda has brought in a lot of Easter books, but as the Cardinal preached, we cannot "trivialize" Easter down to bunnies and coloured eggs.  Nevertheless, Spring and rebirth go hand in hand.  And, besides churches, Catholics are really good at sacrifice, which goes hand in hand with Lent.

If you need to know more, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything has been a big seller.
I wonder how many people are buying it as a gift?

And, Chicago Vassar Club will have its Annual Scholarship Benefit on 10 April, which means I will be missing another Second Saturday in Downtown Dixon.

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