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12 April 2010

Supreme Courtship

Christopher Buckley is not everyone's cup of tea, as some find his humor too farcical.  However, in this political climate where confrontation and partisanship are apparently the keys to the American masses' hearts, Supreme Courtship, first published in 2008, may not be that far off the mark, as we all gird our loincloths or take a deep breath to see what happens now with United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens ready to step down.  I remember when he was nominated by President Ford, thinking why do they have to mention his middle name, like that would make him more patriotic, having a patriot's name.  It probably tipped the balance.  I am still stunned that Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed last year with minimal haranguing, posturing, one-upmanship, whatever.  In this book, you'll find out that unless you keep your opinions to yourself (from age 1 or at least from 7th grade), you might lose your chance to be a Supreme Court Justice.

I found an interesting item in the New York Times online regarding the "greenness" of e-books versus printed, bound ones.

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