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07 May 2010

Don't Despair. Books on First and Downtown Dixon Is Still Here for YOU

When City of Dixon puts that shovel down, it means business.  With last night's rain and the current drainage pipe disruption, the water collected in the basement of Books on First.  I'm a little worried about the stone foundation of our building, but for now, we're still standing.  Even flooded, we are open for business (although not prepared for an audit or decorating for Halloween with storage sitting in 4 inches of water).

Today, Books on First has no sidewalks outside or inside, but we hope photographer Charles ("Chuck") Osgood will not be deterred to come by and say hello, bringing us a few copies of Sidewalks, Volume 2: Reflections on Chicago, his latest published work with Rick Kogan, based on their Sunday Chicago Tribune Magazine regular feature (on the inside cover).

We tried to get them both for a longer visit to Dixon, and still might be able to host Chuck in the near future in conjunction with a show or talk at The Next Picture Show here in Downtown Dixon.

Meanwhile, Downtown Dixon awaits your visit.  There are still great gift ideas all around the neighborhood, from clothing and accessories from Tangibles to unique new and antique items at Waterfront Gifts to wine at Crystal Cork to wonderful cakes & breads at Snow White Bakery to jewelry at Trein's and Venier's to gift certificates at all of them plus Books on First which has a book for every kind of reader, including journals for those who want to write their own, as well as cards for Mother's Day. While the restaurants downtown are not open on Sunday, they are open for lunch and dinner on every other day (plus available for that gift certificate purchase).  Wait, I think I heard that Basil Tree Ristorante, our great neighborhood Italian eatery, is now open on Sundays.  Give them a call!

Looking ahead, Graduation Day is coming quickly on the heels of this weekend and all those great gift ideas which apply to Mother's Day (except maybe the wine) would equally apply to our new graduates.  If wine for the parents of the graduates won't be enough, we also have books on getting the kids out of the house or on the other hand, coping with the empty nest.  CONGRATULATIONS, ALL!

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