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12 June 2010

Second Saturdays Going Strong in Downtown Dixon

Today, 12 June, is another Second Saturday of the month.  Here in Downtown Dixon tonight, we have a Frequent Flyer contest going on.  With a map of downtown venues, visitors are encouraged to flit from one site to another, collecting stamps.  At 8:30pm, at The Crystal Cork, there will be drawings for the beautiful planters sitting right this moment in front of each venue.  These planters were created and donated to Second Saturdays in Downtown Dixon by Distinctive Gardens on Lowell Park Road in Dixon.  This is a great opportunity to join in the fun, check out all the happenings and maybe win a lovely planter filled (really filled) with petunias, coleus, daisies and ageratum.

Speaking of planters by Distinctive Gardens, next when you are standing in front of Trein's Jewelry and about to cross the street to visit Books on First, look up and see our really gorgeous window boxes, filled with sweet potato, petunias, geraniums, and more.

If you're wondering, what's with the petunias?, you should know, of course, that Dixon is the City of Petunias.  During the week before Independence Day, we have our Petunia Festival (29 June - 4 July).  To kick it off, Books on First will host "Tea with the Queen," on Friday, 26 June, with the Petunia Festival Queen, that is.  She will be here with her court to hold two Drawing Rooms, one at 10:30am and one at 11am.  There will be refreshments served, stories read by the Queen and 20% off all children's books and toys! Sign up in-store or send us an e-message (put "Tea with the Queen" in the Subject line and indicate whether you'll be here at 10:30am or 11am).  Space is limited and you don't want to have Brenda biting her nails in despair on not knowing if anyone will show, so please do pay attention and plan to come enjoy a great time with the Petunia Fest Queen.

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