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05 August 2010

Photography and Poetry

One could say, I suppose, that there is a divide between preference for colored photographs versus black and white, the same as there is for rhyming versus non-rhyming poetry. Some say it's not poetry unless it rhymes; a large majority of poets work in both realms and others -- poets and readers of poetry -- even scoff at rhyming poetry as childish, commonplace, and not true art.

Someone shared this with me and I am sharing it with all of you: Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 – Plog Photo Blog . Quite frankly, I cannot define art, but this is within that definition. I had not previously realized that there was color photography at that time. I am quite ignorant about photography. While I prefer black and white, with the nuances and shades of grey, the tonal quality of these shared photos is exceptional and has those nuances usually associated with black and white photography.

Speaking of black and white photography, we will be visiting Cincinnati, Ohio, in little more than a week from now, primarily to see the Walker Evans exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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