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10 October 2010

We Again Have Goat's Milk Soap

It is with great celebration that we announce we are again selling locally made goat's milk soap.  Since the demise of Robin's Nest Goats Milk Soap, Dixon has been feeling the loss, even while more and more people are keeping goats.  willow bay naturals is Marcy Moorhead's company out of Rock Falls, IL, and she has been experimenting with all-natural, food-grade-only ingredients for many years now and selling at fairs.  I am holding a White Tea & Ginger right now and it smells sharp and pungent, perfect for those who gag at the sweet fragrances like raspberry or vanilla bean (which we also have).  One customer was happy to see Patchouli which he likens to the smell of an old-fashioned after-shave.  And, the unscented is truly unscented, made with no dyes either, perfect for those with sensitivities.  Each 4-4.5 oz bar is only $5.  A book, a bath and a bar of willow bay naturals goat's milk soap -- what could be better?

I confess I am not knowledgeable about these types of things:  What's the significance of 10 October 2010 (10/10/10)?  If the world is not ending, I will inflict more blog posts on you later.

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