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29 November 2010

Countdown: 27 Days to Christmas,

Let's start making Christmas presents!

This is truly a Christmas-focused package, with paper, instructions and one finished origami creation: a 4" high Christmas tree, to kickstart a tradition of handmade ornaments and gifts.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can work with felt or yarn, to make a little something for everyone.

If you feeling ambitious but a little purse-pinched, you can look to Amy Sedaris (who had a great interview on "Q," a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company)) show for inspiration.

"Homemade" is back in style. Get into the groove with making everything from your own greeting cards to your own decorations to your own cookies to your own gifts.  Of course, if you feel your inkjet printer doesn't quite convey your quirky, but festive intentions, come to Books on First and pick up some great quirky yet festive greeting cards from Avanti.  We especially like the one depicting the dog with his tongue stuck on a cold lamppost (shades of Jean Shepherd's Christmas Story).

And of course, everyone loves something from the kitchen.  Beyond luscious cookies (or biscuits if you speak Brit) like Vanilla Stars with Chocolate Filling and Ginger Crisps (my personal fav), you can try Kugelhopf, a fruit- & nut-studded yeast cake for which Austria, France and a host of countries claim origin, marinated goat cheese, tangerine curd, cheese straws or simple but irresistible Sugar & Spice Pecans.

Again, if your candy thermometer breaks (or even if not), be sure to come to Books on First and get some Zee Best English Toffee, made in Amboy, IL. Hurry, because 10-oz-boxes which we are selling for $11, are making like Santa's reindeer and flying out the door.

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