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10 November 2010

More on Holmes & Watson

I have discovered that PBS (Public Broadcasting System) has made available the first three episodes of the BBC's new Sherlock Holmes series, for no charge until 7 Dec 2010.

For someone with no working television, this is a boon.  I have finished watching the first two on the computer and although it's not the ideal setting, it is still a great experience.

The first one is called "Study in Pink," which is a play on "Study in Scarlet," Conan Doyle's story which introduces Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson.  This update to the 21st century is cleverly done.  It's been so long that I have read "Study in Scarlet," that I cannot compare them.

Check it out.  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/sherlock/watch.html

(By the by, just like NPR*, I highly advocate PBS, even not having been able to view it except now through the internet. I have donated money to the organization even when I did not have a television (and before it had a website).  With so much to choose from these days, I hope viewers will still appreciate what is needed to provide the type of programming that PBS offers.)

*Regarding the firing of Juan Williams, I do not pretend to understand or even know all the reasoning and considerations that NPR reviewed before acting, but it was really terrible PR, totally underestimating the power of the sound clip.

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