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09 January 2011

Books for the Month

In time for Martin Luther King Day (17 January), we have several titles, including The Everything Martin Luther King, Jr Book.  Back in West Babylon, MLK Day (which was not a federal holiday then) was a big deal.  Classes spent weeks developing skits, practicing songs like "Go Down, Moses (Let My People Go)" and "We Shall Overcome," and putting together a multimedia presentation, which in my day was  considered pretty cool if you could get some film, some audio overlay and a light show together.

Additionally, Dixon being Ronald Reagan’s boyhood hometown, Books on First naturally specializes in all books Ronald Reagan, so rely on us to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birthday (6 February).

Meanwhile, we are cleaning up inventory (something I wish we would do during the summer, but hey, I only physically show up one day a week). We have a lot of books to blow out of here. We must have 20 copies of the Dover edition of Shakespeare's Four Great Tragedies: Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello & Romeo and Juliet.  The title was special ordered by a teacher probably two years ago, and then, there was some snafu -- miscommunications about how many or which title or whether they were ordered at all.  The books were never returned (as that's not usually the best option) and Larry worked to sell them to another English teacher.  So, here we are, selling them for 60% off.  They would make great party favors (I am not jesting -- too bad this title does not include Julius Caesar, or else, I could suggest you have an Ides of March party and give them out.  Maybe you still can have an Ides of March party (or an Ides of January (which would be perfectly timed on Sunday, 15 January) or Ides of February party, and still give these out). 

At $2 a copy, it would be less expensive and much tidier to buy them all if you're planning to produce one of these plays in your basement or backyard (or local school auditorium) than to take one copy and make mimeographed copies (ha!  how many of you readers are old enough to remember mimeographs?  There were probably teacher's pets vying to run the mimeograph machine simply to get high on the chemicals emitted). 

No, seriously, folks, buying a printed bound book with four Shakespeare plays at 50 cents a piece (plus only 6.75% sales tax) is more than a bargain; it's a steal. 

Atop this, there are plenty of other titles for $1, $2 or 50% off list.  Check 'em out!

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