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11 February 2011

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day is next Tuesday.

For our Brenda and many customers, holidays always mean books for the children. So, be sure to come in and see our wide selection.  This includes You're My Little Love Bug which may actually be for adult loved ones as well as little ones, because the heart-shaped cut-out is for a photo or picture of your (my) little love.

We have some wonderful adult offerings for the Day of Love or in Japan, Red Day, at which time women give chocolates to the significant men in their lives -- father, brother, husband, co-workers, teacher, greengrocer, garbageman,...

The image cannot do justice to I Love You: An Anthology of the Most Romantic Poems Ever Written, a lavish collection of beautiful English-language poetry by Omar Khayyám, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, among them, and reproduced artwork including Gustav Klimt on the cover as well as Dudley Tennant, Edmund Dulac, Leon Kroll, among others.  Some poems are familiar, others could be newly discovered favorites.  Much of the artwork comes from magazine covers and advertisements, which is very surprising, but delightful.  The main reason why I say the image cannot do the volume justice is that is comes in its very own gift box, much more elaborate and sturdy than the book itself, with two front panels held closed with a round disk that's weighty enough to close with a satisfying click.  Perfect for the lover who loves not just you, but also art and verse.

 We have a host of other appropriate books, like Pablo Neruda's Love Poems (a perennial favorite since the film "The Postman"), and while we did have Nick Robinson's Very Naughty Origami, we have one copy left and it's a little difficult to bring back in, so come in quickly!  (We also carry origami paper but not chocolate-flavoured.)  And, we can offer you Susan Quilliam's and Dr Alex Comfort's The Joy of Sex: The Timeless Guide to Lovemaking.

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